I wanted to post here to let you guys know that I’m selling my Infinite concert ticket! I really need to sell it so it would be great if you guys considered it or even reblogged it! It’s on Orchestra Left, Row N, Seat 510. The price is totally negotiable so please message me if interested!

You can buy it here:

Plot twist: Amber is the only girly member, the rest are tomboys.

plot twist: Changmin is actually in a relationship with the spoon, Victoria was just a cover because SM thought the scandal would be too great.

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aw bbz i lub u 5evar

Giveaway items:
  • 2PM - Don’t Stop Can’t Stop CD
  • Block B - Blockbuster CD
  • 2NE1 New Evolution Poster
  • Big Bang Alive Concert Poster
  • Homin(tvxq) Humanoids Poster

Click here to see the details!

Anonymous Said: who won?

the giveaway has been extended! please check back to the original post to see the new end date. (: